Cshare APK v2.1.6 [Latest] Free Download For Android Devices

This is a totally described article about the Cshare App and the wireless file sharing. So after reading this, you can have a huge knowledge about the Cshare App and the wireless file sharing. File sharing can do in several ways. In the past, there were many ways to transfer files between two devices. Using cables were the first way of transferring files in that time. When using cables both devices must be kept closer according to the length of the file sharing cable. Therefore the devices in long distances could not be connected via a cable if the cable is short. Actually, when talking about the file sharing between mobile phones or the smart phones, We can’t use cables to share files between two smartphones. Therefore we have to use Wireless file transferring. Cshare is a Wireless files transferring method. Cshare free download link is on this site.


Wireless Transferring For Smartphones

Actually before the wireless file transferring like cshare came to the mobile phones. People used other methods to share files between devices. The first method was using a Computer or PC. First, you connect your mobile phone to the Computer. Then you copy that file to the computer. After that, you connect the other device that you want to share files. Then you move that copied files from the first device to the second device. This is the first method of file sharing between mobile phones.

Then the second method is exchanging the SD card. SD card exchanging method is like this. First, you copy the file you want to share to the SD card from the first device. After that, you have to remove that SD card from the first device and insert it to the second device. Then you can copy the file you want to share on the SD card to the internal storage of the second device and remove the SD card and insert it back to the first device. But the biggest issue is if the internal storage of the second device is low. You cannot do that.

So later, the app developers and the Mobile phone companies found a solution for the above problems. It is the wireless files transferring methods. Wireless file transferring method means you don’t need any kind of a wire or a cable to share files. You can do it without them. There are several file transfer methods. MMS, Infrared, Bluetooth and WiFi file transferring. The Cshare app is a WiFi file transferring method. So let’s discuss the Cshare app and learn more about the Cshare apk app.

Cshare App For File Sharing

Cshare app is a file wireless file sharing app for the Android. This Cshare app is one of the best file sharing app for the Android. So this Cshare App is using the WiFi file transferring method as the file transferring medium. Actually, file transferring rate of the WiFi on the Cshare app is very high than the other file sharing medium. Therefore most of the Android users use the Cshare app for Sharing files between Android smartphones or the devices. The Cshare latest version was released on the 2017 and this Cshare Version has so many special features than the other WiFi file transferring apps like Cshare. So Download Cshare apk for your Android device and experience the high-speed file sharing.


Download Cshare App

Cshare latest version 2017 for Android Devices for Free!

Cshare Download

App NameCshare
Android OS VersionAndroid 4.0 or Higher
Downloads1 000 000+

Features Of Cshare App

  • File sharing using the Cshare is totally free – It because you don’t need a network provider or a 2G or 3G sim to share files. Because Cshare uses only the WiFi as the medium of file transferring.
  • Cshare file transferring rate is higher than the Bluetooth and the Infrared file transferring methods.
  • The file sharing range of the Cshare latest version is about 100m.
  • You can send videos, Audios, Pictures, Apps, and any kind of a file via the Cshare App. There is no any kind of a size limit when sending or the Receiving files.

Download And Install Cshare App

  1. Cshare is only available for the Android devices. Therefore first you have to download Cshare Apk for your device. You can download Cshare 2017 latest version from this site or free.
  2. After the download, go to your settings and Allow the Unknown sources for your Smartphone.cshare
  3. Then Install the downloaded Cshare Apk file to your smartphone.

How to Use Cshare

When you open the Cshare App, you can see there are some buttons in the Home Screen. They are as follows

  • SEND


Sending Files

  1. To send files first you have to select the Send button on the Home Screen.cshare
  2. Then you will have a page to select the files you want to send. You can select Apps, Videos, Pictures, Audios, and Other Files.cshare
  3. After the Selection, again select the Send buttoncshare
  4. Then your device starts to search the receivers. If there are any receivers they are displayed on the screen.cshare
  5. Then select the device you want to send. Then automatically files are sending to the receiving device


Receiving Files

  1. To receive files you have to select the Receive button on the Home Screen.cshare
  2. Then your device is available to receive files from the other devices.cshare
  3. When the Sending device selects your device as the receiver, automatically you can receive the files that the sending device sends.



  1. To view the file sharing history, select the History button on the home screen.cshare
  2. You can view all the file sharing processes that done from the Cshare app from here. You can clear them if you want.


Past Wireless File Sharing Methods And There Defects Before The Cshare

MMS Before Cshare

Before the Cshare and wireless file sharing methods like this, there was a major wireless file sharing method for the mobile Phones. It was MMS. MMS stands for the MultiMedia Message Service. So this Multimedia message works like this. Actually, it works with the help of the network provider of your Mobile Phone. You can select a picture or video and you can send it to another person’s mobile phone via the network provider. But it wasn’t a very good method of file sharing. It because there was a down side of this wireless file sharing method. The first defect is you cannot transfer large files using this file sharing method. There is a size limit for a Multimedia message is very low. Therefore it is cannot use for sending large files. You can only send a little picture or a very low-quality video with 5 or 6 seconds.

2nd Defect

There is another defect in this wireless file sharing method. As mentioned above this wireless file sharing method is working with the network provider. Otherwise, when you don’t have a network provider on your mobile phone, you cannot have this file sharing method. When you send a multimedia message to another person’s mobile phone, you have to pay charges for the network provider. So according to the size of your multimedia message, the charge or the cost for the multimedia is changed. When you have a large size you have to pay a high cost. When your multimedia message is low sized, you have to pay a low cost. However, when you using the multimedia message or the MMS for wireless file sharing you have to pay the Charges of the network provider.

3rd Defect

The other thing about the MMS is you have to get the MMS settings for your mobile phone to send multimedia messages. If you don’t have the settings, you cannot send any kind of a multimedia message to anyone. To get MMS Settings for your mobile phone you have to call the Network provider’s Customer care service or you have to send a message to the Customer care service of the network provider. So overall Multimedia messages or the MMS is not a better method of Wireless file sharing. Now MMS file sharing is not used much on the Mobile Phones.

Bluetooth and Infrared Before Cshare

In the mid era of the wireless file sharing, Bluetooth and Infrared were very popular. Because they were better than the MMS or the multimedia messages. So the revolution of the free wireless file sharing or the wireless file sharing without the Network provider started with these wireless file sharing methods. The infrared file sharing method came to the mobile phones before the Bluetooth wireless file sharing method.


Infrared was the first free wireless file sharing method. It was better than the MMS. But it also had several defects. First one is the file transferring speed. The file transferring speed was very low. Therefore sending large files took a lot of time. Therefore it was a wasting of time. Then the other defect is the both sender and the receiver must keep very close to each other. Because the range of file transferring in Infrared was very low. If one of the devices changed the position while the file sharing process happens. The file sharing process is stopped. Therefore Infrared also not a good wireless file sharing method. Infrared is discontinued in the Mobile phones now.


Actually, Bluetooth was more successful than the Infrared. The range of the Bluetooth is higher than the Infrared. Therefore the devices do not want to keep close to each other. You can change the position of the devices while the file sharing process happens. The file sharing speed of the Bluetooth is higher than the infrared. So the Bluetooth file sharing is still on the Smartphones now. But it is used for some little purposes only. It is used for Bluetooth Sound systems and Headphones etc.